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Restricted Area Trekking

Restricted Area Trekking: A guided trek to nomadic tribe of unique Himalayas

Going Lodge and Camping trekking in Nepal the Himalayas? Restricted area trek takes you to some of the less-visited trekking Areas of Nepal. In that area, there is a limitation to the number of trekkers able to visit within a year. You will also need to get a special permit for trekking in this region. In Nepal, there are more than 10 areas where you cannot travel without a guide and permit.

Restricted area trekking offers views of magnificent Himalayas. Most of these trails have rough trekking trails and people following Tibetan culture. You will also see old monasteries and shrines.

Restricted area trek offers some of the best tours in a lifetime. These areas are remote and special care even from trekking agencies. Most of the places have fewer tea houses for accommodation. So it is best suited for camping treks. Manaslu Tsum Valley Trek, Upper Mustang Trek, Dolpo Trek are some of the popular treks.

Parikrama Treks is a certified travel agent who can take you on this restricted are trek. We also have some of the special group joining departure dates in a restricted area. Be sure to check out our dates and contact us if it interests you. We will get all the arrangements ready for your trekking in Nepal Restricted area.

Popular Restricted area trekking in Nepal

  1. Upper Mustang Lodge Trek
  2. Upper Dolpo Camping Trek
  3. Manaslu Tsum Valley Lodge, Camping Treks
  4. Damodar Kund Trek
  5. Nar Phu Valley Trek
  6. Kanchanjunga Lodge, Camping Trek
  7. Makalu Base Camp Trek
  8. Milke Danda Trek
  9. Limi Valley Camping Trek
  10. Lumba Sumba Trekking Camping Trek