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Dolphin Watching in Nepal

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Trip Overview

Discover the Enchanting World of Dolphin Watching in Nepal

Nestled in the heart of South Asia, Nepal is renowned for its majestic mountains and diverse landscapes. While many visitors come to explore the Himalayas, there’s another hidden gem waiting to be discovered – dolphin watching in the serene rivers of Nepal. Immerse yourself in the beauty of these gentle creatures as you embark on a unique adventure that combines nature, culture, and conservation.

Where are these Dolphins found in Nepal?

Nepal’s dolphin-watching experience is centered around the pristine rivers that wind through the Terai region, primarily the Karnali and Narayani rivers. These waterways provide a perfect habitat for the endangered Ganges River Dolphin.

Which species of Dolphin are found in Nepal?

The Ganges River Dolphin, scientifically known as Platanista gangetica, is a freshwater dolphin species native to the Indian subcontinent. Known for their distinctive long snouts and a hump on their back, these dolphins are a captivating sight for wildlife enthusiasts.

When is the best time to visit for Dolphin watching in Nepal?

The ideal time for dolphin watching in Nepal is during the winter months, from November to February, when the water level is relatively low, and the visibility is optimal. Plan your trip during these months to increase your chances of a delightful dolphin encounter.

How to be part of Dolphin-Watching Tours in Nepal?

Several tour operators in Nepal offer specialized dolphin-watching tours. These tours typically include expert guides who provide insights into the behavior and habitat of the Ganges River Dolphin. Boats are equipped with comfortable seating and safety measures to ensure a memorable and secure experience.

Is there anything to do during my free time?

Beyond the thrill of dolphin watching, these tours often incorporate cultural elements. You might get the chance to explore nearby villages, interact with local communities, and witness traditional practices that have been passed down through generations.

Is there any Conservation Efforts to protect these animals/fish?

Learn about the ongoing conservation initiatives aimed at protecting the Ganges River Dolphin and its habitat. By participating in dolphin-watching tours, you contribute to local conservation efforts, raising awareness about the importance of preserving these endangered species and their ecosystems.

How to make it a Responsible Tourism tour?

Emphasize the importance of responsible tourism during your dolphin-watching adventure. Respect the natural habitat of the dolphins, follow guidelines provided by tour operators, and contribute to sustainable tourism practices to ensure the long-term well-being of these fascinating creatures.

Is there any chance to find better Accommodations?

Choose accommodations near the riverbanks for a more immersive experience. Wake up to the sound of flowing water and embark on your dolphin-watching adventure right from your doorstep.

Embarking on a dolphin-watching journey in Nepal is not just a wildlife adventure but a cultural and conservation experience. Connect with nature, support local communities, and leave with memories of the enchanting Ganges River Dolphins gracefully navigating the waters of Nepal’s rivers. This unique and sustainable tourism opportunity is bound to leave a lasting impact on your travel experiences.


Day 01: Arrival in Kathmandu

Upon your arrival, you will be warmly welcomed by a representative from Parikrama Treks. They will assist you and ensure a smooth transfer to your hotel. Shortly after settling in, you’ll receive a brief overview of the exciting Dolphin Watching  in Nepal experience awaiting you.

Day 02: Flight to Nepalgunj

Begin your day with a hearty breakfast before embarking on a flight to Nepalgunj. Upon arrival, take the opportunity to explore the local community at your own pace.

Day 03: Jungle Safari in Bardiya National Park

Following breakfast, embark on a scenic drive to Tikapur, where an afternoon jungle safari awaits in Bardiya National Park.

Day 04: Boating on Karnali River

Today is dedicated to a highly anticipated activity – boating on the Karnali River, providing an opportunity to witness the majestic Gangetic river dolphins. Silence is key as we patiently seek these incredible creatures.

Day 05: Bird Watching and Visit to Banana Restaurant

Enjoy a leisurely day immersed in birdwatching, appreciating the diverse avian species. Later, visit the renowned Banana Restaurant to savor its signature banana products.

Day 06: Return to Nepalgunj, Flight back to Kathmandu

Commence your journey back to Kathmandu, reflecting on the unforgettable experiences. Arrive in Nepalgunj and catch a flight back to the bustling capital.

Day 07: Departure

As your Dolphin Watching in Nepal adventure concludes, bid farewell to the enchanting landscapes and depart for your onward journey.

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