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Everest Himalayan Motorbike Ride in Nepal and Tibet

Himalayan Motorbike Ride in Nepal and Tibet

Himalayan Motorbike Tour, Ride from Nepal to Tibet is the adventure of a lifetime. You will travel through Himalayas with an altitude of 3000 – 5000 meters above sea level. On this ride, one will be able to experience the whole of Nepal and even part of China.

Riders can also reach the foothill of the world’s tallest Mountain while riding in the land of Tibet. Most of these motorbike tour takes you to the land of Beautiful Himalayas. Here riders will experience overland riding in country full of Himalayas.

On our Himalayan Motorbike ride in Nepal and Tibet riders will have panoramic view as well. Riders can enjoy the view of many mountains along with the world King of mountains. Mount Everest has always become the best choice for the riders as it is a dream for every travelers.

One can even go for Himalayas Everest view Motorbike tour in Nepal. If want to get closer then go for Everest Motorcycle Tour where we ride from Nepal to China.

Furthermore, Moto Ride to Upper Mustang Lo Manthang give desert ride experience. Riders will limited days can go for a ride to Lower Mustang Muktinath. So there is always a choice depending on your time, budget and experience. Himalayan Motorbike tour to Everest booking is now open for 2022, 2023 and 2024. It is also our special service offering as our Pioneer service since 2001.

Himalayan Motorbike Ride in Nepal and Tibet is best during the Spring and Autumn. IN other word, May in spring and September in autumn seasons is the perfect choice as per the riders. We also offer choices of tailor-made destination as per the interest for private team. Whether it is in Nepal or Tibet, India or Bhutan feel free to get your ride ready. Parikrama Treks team will make your dream possible.

Bike of Choice for ride in Himalayas
Get your ride ready for your ride in South Asia with our trusted bike. Royal Enfield Himalayan, Classic 500 and Honda CRF 250cc are some of the perfect choice to ride in.

You can always reach us as a reliable and professional partner via email or phone. With a single click, be ready to get a dependable and prompt response. Parikrama Treks will respond to your queries or for advice on booking. Moreover management team will also inform about the dos-don’ts, during this tour. You will hear straight from our team of experts based on their day-to-day experiences.

A Himalayan motorbike tour in Nepal is an experience like no other, combining adventure, natural beauty, and cultural immersion. Exploring the rugged terrains, conquering challenging routes, and connecting with the warm-hearted locals make for an unforgettable journey. However, it is crucial to approach this adventure with adequate preparation, prioritize safety, and practice responsible tourism. As you embark on your motorbike tour through Nepal’s Himalayas, be prepared to witness breathtaking vistas, conquer mighty peaks, and create memories that will last a lifetime.

While indulging in the thrill of a Himalayan motorbike tour, it is essential to prioritize responsible tourism and environmental preservation. Nepal’s fragile ecosystems demand respect and care from visitors. Riders should adhere to the principles of Leave No Trace, respecting local customs and traditions, and minimizing their ecological footprint. This will contribute to the long-term sustainability of motorbike tourism in Nepal and the preservation of its natural treasures.