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About Us

About Us: All you need to know about Parikrama Treks and Expedition

While talking about Parikrama Treks it organizes nature-based adventure holidays for explorers. Since 1998 Parikrama Treks has let travelers enjoy most of Nepal.  It organizes some of the most challenging treks in the Himalayas of Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India.  Enabling everyone to discover the natural and cultural beauty of Nepal is our goal.

Further talking about Parikrama Treks Mr. Bal Kumar Basnet is the founder. He has been in this industry since his Childhood. He has seen the evolution of the Tourism business in Nepal. He promotes Himalayan Adventure Tourism in Nepal and Tibet.

From its establishment, it has offered some of the best trekking in Nepal Himalayas. During your journey in Nepal, you’ll become one with the Nepalese culture and customs.  While talking more about Parikrama Treks they are also the pioneer of a motorbike tour. They offer some of the best motorbike tours in Nepal, Tibet, Bhutan, and India. Trekking and Mountaineering in Nepal Himalayas are also its selling deals.

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Why Only Parikrama Treks?

Parikrama Treks & Expedition is a well established and reliable company for all travelers. It has been in operation for the last 25 years. During this period we organized successful treks, tours, Expeditions, and Motorcycle Rides. More than a thousand travelers prefer to travel with parikrama Treks each year.

What makes us special is that we always try and go one step further. We make sure that our clients receive the best services. It gives us satisfaction, that majority of our clients are from the recommendations.

Experienced & Authorized

Parikrama Treks & Expeditions (P) Ltd is a team of experts. Well, experienced and knowledgeable guides are their permanent team members. It is a government authorized agency, affiliated with all legal documents.  TAAN, NMA & NTB are some of them. You can also check our legal document by clicking here.

Trained and Knowledgeable Staff

The most valuable asset of Parikrama Treks and Expedition is its staff. We provide them training in reputed institutions of the Nepal government. We also give them extra classes about emergency first aid and how to handle AMS travelers. All the staff holds a certified license to do their fields of expertise.

They are professional, friendly, and capable of handling any situation. They are your family on a trip with Parikrama Treks.


We at Parikrama prefer to customize tours as per the client’s interest, time, and budget. We want to ensure and make your travel more fun.


Parikrma Treks holds all the necessary types of equipment. We buy our own equipment for the entire camping-related trek. We trust our own bought product than a hired product.

Handling Emergencies

Parikrama Treks & Expeditions leave no stone unturned for the safety of its clients. All the staff is well trained to handle any kind of situation that might arouse during the trek.

Hygienic Food

On the camping trek, we take our own cook staff. They are well trained and cook all kinds of dishes. They provide you with some of the best food you ever had during your life. Do not trust me then join us on our camping trek to get the taste. Most of our tea house guide is also cook. As we care for your health and the food that you eat.

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