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Multi-Country Tour

South Asia Multi-Country Tour Packages is a completely different way of enjoying Asia. This tour helps us to discover the land of true mysteries and all the world heritage sites of South Asia. Asia is a continent with its own cultural diversity and countless attraction. It is the best Travel. For the traveler who wants it all, this tour offers everything on a single journey.

Our Multi-Country Tour takes you from the snow-capped Himalayas to the Forbidden Kingdom. Furthermore, you will also get to experience Buddhist culture and unique festivals. South Asia has its own way of presenting itself. With Parikrama Treks, South Asia Multi-Country Tour Packages is a completely different experience.

South Asia Multi-Country Tour Packages start with a local tour of Nepal. Like this tour, a local operator is from Nepal. We run tours of Nepal, Tibet, China, India, and Bhutan. You can visit each of these countries one by one or mix it up with our combined Tour. Most of this country borders with each other making travel easy. So it is easy to visit more than one country with a short flight or overland tour.

Thousands of visitors want to explore South Asia Multi-Country Tour Packages. Lots of travelers over the years have visited South Asia with us. We recommend some often requested combination of countries tour.

Countries Tour often combined for South Asia visit

  1. Nepal Tibet Bhutan Tour
  2. Nepal Tibet Culture Tour
  3. Motorbike tour to Tibet from Nepal
  4. Kailash Spiritual Tour
  5. Motorbike tour Nepal India and Bhutan
  6. Nepal Tibet India and Bhutan Motorcycle tour