Dakshinkali and Chovar

Dhakshinkali / Kirtipur & Chovar Gorge (5 hours) 

Excursion tours to Dhakshinkali consist of tour to Kirtipur - an ancient town overlooking Kathmandu valley, Chobar Gorge and Pharping. Dhaksinkali is the most popular shrine in the valley and also serves as the lineage deity or the personal deity of the nobles and upper class that is worshipped once a year at least. Kali - The Black One is fearsome and is believed to be the most powerful of all Hindu deities. Tuesdays and Saturdays are the best time to witness devotees worshipping the Goddess so that they are bestowed with blessing and gifts and even absolvement of sins. On the way or way back a brief stop at Pharping offers visit to Hindu and Buddhist shrines of Shikhar Narayan Mandir, Vajra Yogini and Tibetan monasteries with images of Guru Rimpoche. Chovar is an old Newari village with the legendary gorge that drains the valley. A brief visit to a medieval city of Kiritipur is also exiting. Perched on a hillock, this old Newari town is full of sculptures and shrines and people dress in traditional costumes. The town is divided in two sections, the west is Buddhist and is clustered around the Stupa and the upper town around the pagoda is Hindu. In between is the famous Bhag Bhairav Temple. 

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